Semi Truck in Desert

National Logistics Day: Celebrating the Guardians of the Supply Chain

For Phalanx, logistics in 2021 means we are an extension of your company, your operations, and your warehouse. We are the guardians that attempt to keep your supply chain moving. With the rate of change in our industry, we believe that sales and operations need to be seamlessly intertwined to provide value to our customers.

Never has the importance of the logistics industry been as evident as it has been during the pandemic. The industry has now been brought to the center stage from delivering sanitizer and toilet paper at the start of the pandemic, the delivery of vaccines with Operation Warp Speed, and now working as efficiently as possible to alleviate the pain felt by so many companies with current shortages.

The supply shortage that is affecting every industry, wood for pallets, chips for the auto industry, chemicals for insulation, steel, plastics, and more, coupled with the shortage of equipment and truck drivers has created a perfect storm of high demand and low supply with no end in sight.

As Phalanx Logistics Solutions enters our 16th year in business this week, and we celebrate National Logistics Day today, we are grateful for the relationships we have built, our humble beginnings, and our role in providing solutions for companies during this time.

Since the beginning, it has always been about doing the smallest things right: never giving back freight, creating a relationship with our carriers and partners, going above and beyond to provide value to our customers, giving our team the best career path, compensation in the industry and so much more.

Starting with just one organic load at a time in 2005, we cherish and are grateful for each of these loads that allowed us to grow. The same is true today on National Logistics Day, and every day, as we continue to work to earn each shipment opportunity entrusted to us.