Guardian of Traffic

What Comes First, the Truck or the Load?

In current market conditions, it is naïve to think that companies will succeed with a business as usual approach. Being proactive and developing a strategy that demonstrates the true value of your company is key during these uncertain times. Quality, in any industry, is always a hot commodity, regardless of market conditions. I would argue that building a relationship with a good carrier partner(s) should be at the center of any sound freight broker strategy, and in many cases, it is. The good brokers out there are using this time to build even stronger bonds with trucking companies, especially the ones that have historically been reliable to them. Those of us that have been doing this for a while have seen the tides turn almost instantaneously. Even during these unprecedented times, a swing is inevitable. Whether the swing happens due to increased demand or decreased supply is irrelevant.

It has never been easier to differentiate yourself. Use this time to fight for and build up that relationship with the good carriers of the world. Take the time to talk through their pain points. What are they seeing? What are their challenges right now? Trust me, these conversations, whether or not they have a load attached to them, will be meaningful in the long run and will help establish a relationship that transcends the ups and downs of market conditions.

At the end of the day we are all in this together. When the dust settles, you will know you did your duty to answer the question of what comes first, the truck or the load.