Phalanx Logistics Solutions Announces X-Bedded Services

Phalanx Logistics Solutions Announces X-Bedded Services

Phalanx Logistics Solutions, the chosen Third-Party (3PL) Logistics company, is excited to announce the launching of our X-Bedded Services. Let Phalanx embed our team and 16+ years of transportation management and carrier networking into the 4 walls of your operation.

“All areas of the supply chain are facing different points of pain and challenges,” said Michael Dagiasis, Chief Vision Officer & President. “We have built our X-Bedded Services to manage, solve, and alleviate the issues our current and future customers continue to experience.”

For customers who are facing supply chain consolidation challenges, want to enhance their logistics performance, want their transportation managed, struggle to hire logistics professionals, and want to lower costs, Phalanx has designed our X-Bedded Services to meet any and all needs our customers have.

Phalanx aims to become an extension of your logistics department through our integrated FireTeam model. Every shipment has a dedicated team monitoring the load from tender to invoice, acting as the guardian of supply chain management, transportation, and logistics. The FireTeam model is strengthened through our X-Bedded Services with the goal to understand, assist, and solve every shipping challenge.

Phalanx X-Bedded Services offer solutions and savings through:

  • Dedicated on-site representation
  • Reliable carrier network partnership
  • Accounting transparency
  • Market data & metrics

Get started with your Phalanx X-Bedded Services today:


Phalanx Logistics Solutions is the chosen Third-Party (3PL) Logistics company for hundreds of shippers across the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Through our “Driven for You, Fueled by Us” initiative, we execute at the cross-sections of carrier, customer, and receiver while acting as the guardian of supply chain execution.